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DenMat DenMat
DenMat is a global leader in innovative diagnostic and clinical solutions including VELscope® lesion detection and PeriOptix® magnification, as well as Sol™ soft tissue surgical laser and Snap-On Smile, the ideal implant provisional.
Medical Purchasing Solutions - Tired of Drug Shortages? Medical Purchasing Solutions - Tired of Drug Shortages?
Call 888-894-2487 to speak to a drug specialist regarding availability & options for Fentanyl, Propofol, Brevital, Dexamethasone, Midazolam, Ondansetron, Ultiva, Ketorolac and Sevoflurane. We specialize in working w/independent dental offices nationally.
Maxxeus Corticocancellous 0.25-1.00 mm Allograft
Corticocancellous comes from sections of the illium which are ground into several particulate sizes. The ...
Proximator Kit with DLC Coating used for tooth and root extraction.
H&H Company Proximators are designed to make root extraction quick and easy. Proximators are made ...
The Therabite System
The TheraBite Jaw Motion Rehabilitation System is a portable system specifically designed to treat trismus ...
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