Tatum Surgical offers a unique comprehensive selection of dental implants and supporting instrumentation designed by world renowned implant and bone grafting pioneer, Dr. Hilt Tatum. Tatum Surgical also offers specialty dental products to support contemporary dental practice.

The Tatum Implant System is a unique, comprehensive series of dental implants created to meet every need of simple and complex implant dentistry. These clinically proven designs are the result of over 40 years of surgery experience by Dr. Hilt Tatum as he developed predictable and successful implant techniques for patient care.

Tatum Implant Systems
"S" Cylindrical Implants
"T" Tapered Implants
Tatum D Fin Implants

Tatum Posts and Abutments
Tatum Unipost
Tatum Ball Posts

Tatum Implant & Instrument Kits
Tatum Original Implant Kit
Tatum Unipost Kit
Tapered Implant Kit
Tatum D Implant Kit
Tatum Sinus Instrument Kit
The Tatum Offset Ostetome Kit
The Tatum Straight Ostetome Kit
Tatum Microtome Kit

Tatum Surgical Specialty Products
Original Luxator Instruments
Resiment Ready Mix Cement
Zest Locator Implant Attachment System
Nouvag Hanpieces and Motors
OsteoGen SBRG