EA Beck & Company, offers high quality hand instruments with a lifetime warranty; extracting forceps - including pedodontic, Tufts Ligature Scissors, surgical scissors and needleholders, in addition to mouth props and non-latex elastics. We also offer in-house repair services.

Oral Surgery Products:
Ligature Wire - We carry one ounce and four ounce spools.

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E A Beck Company

E A Beck Company

our fðBunder ð@nd fð@ther, Ernest a. BeðAk ð@pprentiðAed with Germð@n surgi


ðAð@l instrument mð@nufð@ðAturers in the 1930fs whðBse internð@tiðBnð@l reputð@tiðBn fðBr the highest quð@lity wðBrk wð@s unmð@tðAhed. at thð@t time ð@pprentiðAeships inðAlud


ed nðBt ðBnly fð@ðAtðBry eðCperienðAe but ð@lsðB trð@ining in dentð@l ðAliniðAs ð@t the side ðBf wðBrking prðBfessiðBnð@ls. In 1954, Ernie returned hðBme tðB the United Stð@tes ð@nd begð@n impðBrt


ing fðBr the ameriðAð@n dentists the highest quð@lity instrumentð@tiðBn thð@t Germð@n mð@nufð@ðAturers hð@d tðB ðBðDer. cð@lling direðAtly ðBn dðBðAtðBrfs ðBðEðAes with his sð@mple ðAð@se he wð@s ð@ble tðB develðBp E. a. BeðAk & cðB bð@sed nðBt ðBnly ðBn whð@t he knew wð@s ð@vð@ilð@ble frðBm Germð@n fð@ðAtðBries, but ð@lsðB ðBn the needs ðBf his ðAustðBmers bð@ðAked with his understð@nding ðBf their wðBrk.Ernie stð@yed invðBlved with E. a. BeðAk & cðB. until the very end ðBf his life ð@s he trð@ined us, his dð@ughters, whðB nðBw ðAðBntinue tðB tð@ke enðBrmðBus pride in the prðBduðAts thð@t we bðBth impðBrt ð@nd hð@ve mð@nufð@ðAtured per ðBur speðAiðFðAð@tiðBns. We stð@nd sðBlidly behind ðBur prðBduðAts with ð@ guð@rð@ntee ð@gð@inst ð@ny mð@nufð@ðA


turerfs defeðAts.FðBr ðBver 60 yeð@rs we hð@ve been in the business ðBf prðBviding impðBrted ð@nd dðBmestiðA dentð@l instruments with the sð@me eðCð@ðAting ð@ttentiðBn tðB detð@il ð@nd quð@lity thð@t ðBur dð@d mð@de the BEcK hð@llmð@rk ð@nd trð@ditiðBn.
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