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American Dental Partners was founded in 1995 to be the leading business partner to dental group practices in the nation. Our sole commitment and focus is to bring value to dental group practice. Over the years we have affiliated with some of the largest and most respected dental group practices in the country. Today we are affiliated with 26 dental groups in 21 states.

There are many ways in which we add value to dental groups, but none is more important than helping them buildenduring organizations. This is not an easy concept to articulate, nor an easy one to execute. Especially in a business like dentistry which is so highly fragmented. It is nearly impossible to measure the difference between good and great in an industry where tens of thousands of small businesses lack common measurements. However, for American Dental Partners and our affiliated dental group practices, we can measure against ourselves and then adopt a philosophy of "good is never good enough." There is always room for measurable improvement in an
enduring organization.

Our goal, and that of our affiliated dental group practices, is to seek excellence in all that we do. We strive to achieve high levels of patient satisfaction, to create professional practice environments, to maintain first class dental facilities, to pursue continuous training and education, to invest in the future of dentistry through community giving and, above all else, to create an organization that will endure through successive generations. They say all good things come to an end, but we say great things should never end. They should get better and stronger as time goes by.

We have learned over the years that much of what commonly takes place in many dental practices is done for the here and now, without much structure and process - not surprising in such a fragmented profession, but not for a professional health care organization with multiple locations and numerous professionals providing care to many patients. We believe structure and process are necessary for dental group practices to strive for excellence and achieve greatness. Excellence can mean many things, but with patient care it must mean consistency and predictability in outcomes.

Over the years we have found that not only is it rare to find an enduring organization in the dental profession, we have found that it is rare to find the resources required to be successful in building an enduring organization. More than any other accomplishment we have made since our founding is that we have developed many of these resources and with each passing year, our resources expand and our experience broadens.

Today we have vast resources that we deploy to enhance the growth and success of our affiliated dental group practices and we make substantial ongoing capital investments to support each affiliate's growth. We assist with organizational planning and development, recruiting, training and leadership development programs, quality assurance initiatives, facilities development and management, employee benefits administration, procurement, information systems and practice technology, marketing and payor relations, and financial planning, reporting and analysis.